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Барселона Испания Barcelona beaches


The gorgeous city of Barcelona is magnificently located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, what makes it being a hot tourist spot, attracting thousands of travelers each year. Coastal city disposes of 4.2 kilometers of sandy beaches, located only in about ten minutes from the city centre.All of the beaches are skillfully taken care of, making them pleasant to stay during your vacation. Various facilities are available for tourists and residents of the city, including food venues, showers, changing rooms, bars, etc.

There are five major beaches in Barcelona: La Barceloneta, Bogatell, Nova Icaria, Bogatell, La Marbella, and Nova Marbella.

La Barceloneta is the closest beach to the centre of Barcelona, and thus one of the most frequently visited ones. It takes you only about 15 minutes walk to get from La Rambla to this very beach.

This beach is long and wide, allowing to an immense number of restaurant and bar properties being lodged along the coast line. That is one of the reasons for being always full of people of all the ages and interests, including adults, students, children, etc. Everyone will find an activity to its taste there: sports areas, children's games, skates, canoes, and rejuvenating and saving from the summer heat rejuvenating food and drink properties.

Nova Icaria Beach is the next closest beach to the city centre after La Barceloneta. This one will be suitable for those, seeking for a quiet area, located on a vast property near the Mediterranean waters.

In any case, the beach possesses all the conveniences, presenting on La Barceloneta, including lifeguards, restaurants, showers, hammocks, sunshades, skates, piraguas, etc.

 Mar Bella Beach is an unofficial nudist beach, thought, there are a lot of people, sunbathing and swimming there with their clothes on. In general, Spanish laws permit to be nude anywhere if it doesn't disturb or impede anybody.

Except all the ordinary facilities, usually presented on the beach, this one offers aquatic motorbikes, skates, canoes, and there is even telephone connection.

Nova Marbella Beach is close to Mar Bella and provides its visitors with the same amenities and conveniences, making their staying there a real gem.

Bogatell Beach is covered with little stones, what makes it an excellent place for jogging in the morning. Cycling is really popular within this territory as well.

The beach is not a speeding booth, as La Barceloneta, for instance, but it is a calm and quiet venue, where you can come in order to obtain a complete relaxation while lying on the sand, contemplating the sea, and admiring sea gulls, fluttering in the clear sky.

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